Medication Management

The proper administration of medication is critical to the health of anyone who relies on it for a chronic or acute physical or mental ailment. However, as seniors age, many can experience cognitive decline, memory loss or physical weakness that can affect their ability to take their medications in accordance to their doctor’s instructions. In some cases, transportation is an issue, so a senior is unable to get to the pharmacy to have a prescription refilled. In any event, improper medication management is very dangerous and can lead to accidents, unnecessary hospitalizations and a rapid decline in health.

The need for assistance in taking medications is one of many reasons that older adults move into a senior housing residences. In fact, as many as 80% of assisted living residents need medication delivery help, concludes a study from The Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL). Furthermore, CEAL notes that assisted living residents take an average of nine medications daily, which means that assisted living staff must be very well trained on proper medication management procedures.

Proper medication management means following the ‘rights’ treatment protocol: making certain that the right medication is given to the right resident at the right time and in the right dosage. Today, technology innovations are helping staff to improve the overall medication management process.

If you worry that your loved one requires assistance in taking medications, then you may consider home care or assisted living as an option for senior living.


At some communities there is an additional cost for this service, depending on the number and type of medications. Most assisted living communities may charge an extra fee, while the cost of administering medications is generally included in the cost of care at most residential board & care homes.

Approximate Cost: $400 – 800/ month. See cost comparison.


Heather R., daughter

“Thank you for your help in finding a new senior home for my father. My dad is very happy”.

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