Board and Care Homes

If you or your loved one needs assistance with the activities of daily living – walking, bathing, dressing, grooming, medication management, and/or toileting – and prefer to live in a smaller, more home-like setting then you should consider residential board and care homes. These communities provide the same level of care and support as larger, assisted living communities, but in a different type of setting.

Like assisted living communities, residential board & care homes are licensed and regulated by the state of California to care for the elderly. Many seniors prefer this type of environment that more closely resembles their life at their own home.

Board and Care Homes, Residential Board and Care Homes in CAA residential board and care home is a good choice if your loved one:

  • needs a higher level of care with day & night caregivers;
  • desires a cozier, home-like setting for personalized care and social activities;
  • is medically frail or mentally declining or can’t easily navigate a larger community. Wheelchairs are usually accepted.

The primary difference between board & care homes and assisted living communities is the size of the residence. Board and care homes are typically single family, private homes which are run by one or two individuals, often health care professionals, who look after the residents. Most accommodate about six to eight residents. The owner will often live in the house as well and is available 24 hours a day. The other significant difference is that residential board and care homes will generally offer fewer social activities than their assisted living counterparts, although residents have the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with residents and caregivers because of the smaller setting.


The cost of a board and care home varies according to its location, accommodations and amenities. Average total monthly cost is generally less than that of assisted living communities as residential board and care home pricing is generally inclusive of all care needs including medication management and all levels of personal care.

Approximate cost: $1,000 – $7,500/ month. See cost comparison.


Heather R., daughter

“Thank you for your help in finding a new senior home for my father. My dad is very happy”.

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