Assisted Living

assisted living apartments, what is assisted livingAssisted Living communities provide a level of care that is more intensive than independent senior living residences, but less intensive than nursing homes. If mom or dad needs help with the routine activities of daily living (ADL) – such as bathing, meal preparation, dressing, grooming, medication management, walking or toileting – then an Assisted Living community may be a great choice for your loved one.

There are many excellent Assisted Living communities which can truly make your loved one’s life healthier, safer and more fulfilling. Consider these benefits:

  • Housekeeping is provided – Relief from the responsibility of regular house chores such as cleaning, vacuuming, ironing, dishwashing and doing the laundry is particularly helpful for seniors with medical or mobility issues.
  • Nutritious meals are prepared daily  – Carefully planned breakfast, lunch and dinner meals deliver needed nutrition to keep the body strong. No grocery shopping or kitchen clean-up to worry about.
  • Care providers are available 24/7- Communities provide around the clock staff to help with any personal care needs.
  • Social Activities and Mental Stimulation – It is important for seniors to maintain an active lifestyle to support cognitive and physical health. Communities provide age and ability appropriate activities including exercise classes, art classes, computer classes, musical concerts, guest speakers and excursions to local restaurants and cultural events.
  • Elimination of home maintenance burden – The cost of maintaining a home is often great, both in terms of time and expense. Senior’s homes often become neglected without the assistance of others.
  • Many communities can also provide Skilled Nursing, Alzheimer’s/Dementia or hospice care services in the same community so your loved one can easily transition should it become medically necessary.

Assisted Living communities can range in size from smaller Residential Care Homes, which generally house 5-15 residents, to mid-size communities, generally housing 15- 80 residents, to larger communities, which can house 80 to 250 or more residents.

Assisted Living COST:

The cost of assisted living can vary greatly according to location, accommodations and amenities of community.

Approximate Cost: $ 1,200 – $4,500+/ per month. See cost comparison.


Heather R., daughter

“Thank you for your help in finding a new senior home for my father. My dad is very happy”.

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